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We have a handyman ready whenever you need them. We’re always happy to answer your questions and offer you our expert advice and recommendations. Whether it’s mounting a large flat screen TV on a wall, hanging a new set of shelves, repairing damage to walls, or simply realigning your kitchen cupboard doors, we have a handyman ready to help in Reading.

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Guaranteed work – In other words, we are able to guarantee that the workmanship of the technicians is of highest professional standards. They will work diligently in order to bring you the best possible results.

Flexible Schedule – We work all week long, including weekends and official holidays. Just tell us what would be the best date and time for a visit. If our schedule allows it, we can even arrange same-day and next-day visits.

Remember – Never cut corners on maintenance projects, even if you feel that it will save time or money. If you do so, then you may find yourself having to pay much more later on down the line when it turns out that the problem was caused by neglecting seemingly minor issues.

If you follow the advice mentioned above, you will be able to maintain your home properly. You will also avoid many potential problems down the road and save money in the long run. 

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Flat pack assembly refers to the process of putting together furniture or other products that are delivered to you in pieces, usually in a flat and compact form for easy transportation. Flat pack furniture has become popular in recent years because it can be shipped and stored more efficiently, reducing costs and environmental impact.

The assembly process typically involves unpacking the pieces, identifying and sorting them, reading the instructions carefully, and then following a step-by-step process to put the furniture together. This may involve using tools such as screws, nails, and dowels, and may require some basic DIY skills.

Some tips for successful flat pack assembly include:

  1. Read the instructions carefully before starting.
  2. Lay out all the pieces and sort them by size and type.
  3. Use the right tools and follow the recommended order of assembly.
  4. Take your time and don’t rush, as mistakes can be costly.
  5. Ask for help if you need it, especially for larger or more complex pieces.

By following these tips and being patient and thorough, you can successfully assemble your flat pack furniture and enjoy the convenience and affordability it offers.

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