Carpets & Sofa Cleaning

Carpets, Sofa & Rugs Cleaning in Reading

 On Point Property Services in Reading offers a full range of domestic and commercial cleaning services. 

Established in 2011 we have served 100’s customers all around Berkshire and Hempshire areas.

We cover Reading, Wokinghan, Earley, Winnersh, Spencers Wood and many more.

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Carpet & Rug Care

-Vacuum frequently – To stop dirt and dust from settling into the fibres of your carpet, vacuum regularly to prevent carpets looking dirty and well-trodden.

Tackle them fast – When stains occur, tackle them as soon as possible so it is easier to clean and will reduce the chance of it setting for good.

Remove shoes at the door – A way to reduce what comes into contact with your carpet is to remove your shoes at the door. Or, at least invest in a proper doormat to get as much dirt off before you walk into your home.

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