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On Point Media  in Reading offers Property Photography  & Video Services.
We pride ourselves on our reliable customer service, transparent pricing system, and remarkable professional work.

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Tips for Preparing Your Home
for Interior Photography

Thoroughly clean your property – We all want your property to make the best first impression for viewers and potential buyers, so please try to make it as spotlessly clean as possible. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly, dust all surfaces, wash away any blemishes, and generally make sure that everything is straightened and tidy.

Remove clutter – Unless it’s for a specialist bespoke photography job, an interior photography shoot should portray the rooms as empty blank slates, without too many miscellaneous or personal items on tables and worktops. Anything that you may forget to move, we can easily edit out during the thorough retouching process.

Plump up pillows – Pillows, cushions and bedclothes are encouraged to be kept in the bedroom and lounge photoshoots, but please make sure they look plump, cosy and straightly laid out on the sofas and beds.

Open the curtains and blinds – Let as much natural light into the house as possible! Few things are more delightful to admire than a pristine, well-kept room illuminated by rays of sunlight.

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